How to Install IPA Files on Your iPhone without Installous or iTunes

Apple iOS AppsWith Installous gone, you are probably trying to look for Installous substitutes that can help you install IPA files onto your iPhone or iPad without messing around with the non-working Installous, AppSync etc.

Interestingly, there are a few methods to get this working.

Note that we never recommend using cracked apps or those downloaded .ipa files other than for testing, or trying out before you purchase them from the App Store. We know that devs put a lot of effort in creating these apps. If you are unsure if the app would be worth the expense, you try it out but if you find that you are using it, make sure you pay the developer.

Let’s dive right in with that graceful mindset.

SSH: Winscp/CyberDuck

SSH-ing into your iPhone can also be done via tools like Winscp/Cyberduck.
SSH is a long process but it’s one of the surest ways of installing apps on your iPhone without Installous or iTunes. Briefly, the steps involved are:

Step 1: Open your SSH program (Winscp/Cyberduck etc.)

Step 2: Enter the IP address of your iPhone/iDevice into the “host” field (Settings -> Wifi -> Tap the blue icon next to the network you are on and you will get your IP address)

Step 3: Now, enter ‘root’ for username and ‘alpine’ for password (if alpine does not work, use ‘dottie’)

Step 4: After this is done, you will have to extra the “.app” folder from your IPA file. To do this:

  • Rename the IPA file to “” (note the part) -> open the zip file -> open Payload folder -> extract the .app folder to your desktop

Step 5: After extracting the folder, drag and drop that into your iPhone’s /stash/Application folder (which you can access from the SSH client)

Step 6: Once copied, right-click the .app folder and change permissions to 0777 (all checked).

Step 7: After that’s done, respring your iPhone and you’ll get the app on your device!

For a more detailed review of how this works, go right here to find out how you can install IPA files on your iPhone without needing Installous or iTunes.


iFunbox is a simple and interactive way to SSH into your iPhone. This allows you to explore the device’s file system (files and folders) and then edit or modify the contents. Effectively, you’ll use iFunbox to transfer music, photos, ringtones etc. But then you can also use iFunbox to install IPA files.

To do this, you have to:

  • Install and open iFunbox
  • Connect your iPhone/iPad via USB to your computer
  • Select your iDevice from within iFunbox
  • Click on “Install IPA” in iFunbox
  • Choose the .ipa file that you want to install
  • iFunbox will do the rest and notify
  • Respring iPhone to start using the app

Note: It’s said that you need AppSync to sync/use the app but we’ve seen that iFunbox works just fine without it either. In case you need AppSync, try getting it from Roberto’s repo. (our post on Alternative Repo for AppSync)

Deb File + iFile

Perhaps, the simplest method is to get a .deb file and use iFile to install apps to your iPhone directly.

For this method though, you’ll need to get the .deb files instead of .ipa files. You can use services like iDeb to convert them.

  • In Cydia, search and install iFile
  • In Safari, search for .deb file of the app you are looking for and download it to your iPhone
  • Tap on the downloaded file and then select ‘Open in iFile’
  • When iFile opens the .deb file, tap on “Installer”
  • iFile will install the file. Respring your device.
  • The app should be up there on your iPhone

3 comments on “How to Install IPA Files on Your iPhone without Installous or iTunes

  1. Hi there.
    thanks for the tutorial.
    I tryed to install with i-funbox as you directed.
    the app got installed , but it doesnt work,
    everytime i lauch the app, it shutsdown instantly…..
    any advice help please??
    i am using iphone 4s, on ios 5.0.1, jb

    • I guess he suggested something like AppSync to use apps after installing. But unfortunately didn’t give much information about process except some “Roberto’s repo. (our post on Alternative Repo for AppSync)”
      iosgeeks26723582 : Can you please provide some Links for that.

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